Thursday, January 14, 2010

Maybe you or someone you know can help...

I just came across this post about the conditions in Haiti and a plea for help from the women who run the BRESMA orphanage. They are looking for someone with access to an airplane to transport the children. Click here to read more.

Also a friend of mine posted this link to LDS Humanitarian Services where your donation to help those in the midst of this terrible disaster goes to the relief effort 100%.

My heart aches for these victims. I saw a picture this morning on the news of a mother carrying her child on her back through the rubble. I can't even imagine.

I hope and pray that these people will receive the relief and assistance that they need as soon as possible, and that they will feel the love and comfort of the Savior.


Cecily R said...

There is STILL a lump in my throat after reading that post...I wish I had political pull. Or knew someone who does.

And as someone who has toured and worked in some of the LDS Humanitarian facilities, I can tell you it's a great program. It's a wonderful way to help.

Jessie Oliveros said...

I love this message. Thanks for the link.