Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another Wacky Wednesday SURPRISE...

If you haven't read my first "Wacky Wednesday" post, this post may not make much sense so read that one first, then come back to this one... :)

It turns out that I did not have my facts straight about Pat's car trouble. (I was a little distracted getting the kids out of the car at the Children's museum that I didn't get all the details.) It was actually a lot worse than I thought, and I really think that Heavenly Father was watching over Pat today. He was driving the truck to get lunch and had just got on the on-ramp to get on the freeway so he was only going about 30mph. All of a sudden, he heard this loud clunking sound and then heard something dragging underneath the truck. He pulled over onto the shoulder (before getting on the freeway) and looked underneath to see this long metal tube about 6 feet long hanging from the front of the truck all the way back to the rear axle. (SURPRISE!) When he called the towing company, they told him right away that it must be the drive shaft. It was so loose that when the tow truck arrived, the guy just pulled it off and put it in the back of Pat's truck. Who knows what would have happened if that thing had come loose on the freeway... I'll be glad when Pat is home safe and sound.


amanda said...

Crazy wacky wednesday. I like the new car though. Hey at least he doesn't have a minivan. It could be worse. I hear it every time we hop into our lovely minivan (he says he leaves his manhood at home in his gross boy terms:)
I hope Pat came home safe!

Terri said...

That is scary I am glad Pat is ok!