Monday, April 21, 2008

A Marvelous Monday!!!

I just have to say "WOW!" I have not gotten this much accomplished in one day in I cannot even remember when... definitely before I had kids. I love my kiddos more than life itself, but all you moms out there know that when it comes to running several errands with two (or more) kids in just ain't happening. I have to say a BIG "thank you" to my husband for making it possible. He said he'd come home early today to help me out and then go back to work tonight. So take a look at everything I was able to check off my TO DO list today...
Kelli's TO DO list -
1) Hair appt. Cut and color for me (boy did I need it!), trim for Abby. X
2) Target (we were out of everything...TP, laundry detergent, wipes) X
3) Grocery Store (There were a ton of organic fruits and veggies on sale today and milk was even on sale!!! BONUS! I've been trying to be more mindful of what's in our any of you buy organic?) X
4) Taught 2 dance classes (Abby is so cute doing her "fishie" dance.) X
5) Michael's (picked up some craft kits for Abby's b'day party and
they were on sale 50% off! MAJOR BONUS!) X
6) Party City (Got a couple more things for Abby's and was awesome!) X

I got to spend some one on one time with Abby at the "beauty shop" and then she went with me to Target and the grocery store. She was just so cute and fun. We were singing songs, got a free cookie, and she picked out some banana popsicles. When we got home, she helped me unload the groceries. While Pat and I were putting them away, she and Noah were playing on the screened-in porch while it rained outside. She peeked her head in the door and said "Look, it's a beach party!" She had set this up all by herself. (The umbrella was already open drying out from the rain...)

Too cute, huh?

Pat had the kids in bed when I got home @ 7:45pm and he cleaned one of the bathrooms today too!

Like I was a MARVELOUS Monday!!!


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stackingchairs said...

I like your story. The beach party is awesome. The porch must be fun when it rains.

amanda said...

Wow. That is a good day. As a mom it is sad but you measure the success of your day by how well the kids stayed on schedule. It is a miracle when everything gets done and the kids are happy and so is mom. Doesn't happen very often.