Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Songs that make me smile :)

So I've started a playlist of songs that make me smile! Funny thing is that I'm so used to listening to kid songs that I'm having a hard time thinking of songs I used to listen to in my "former life" (before kiddos). There are a lot of kid songs that could make my list (and I'm sure I'll post some...I had to put in "Return to Pooh Corner" for my kids. They love Pooh). So I need your help... what songs make you turn up the radio and sing along????

P.S. A few song dedications if I may....
"Stay" is for Diana (Summer of '94)
"I Will" is for Abby and Noah
"If I Had a Million Dollars" for anyone who owns a small business or has student loans (aaahhh!)
"The Promise" is for Pat (one of our 1st date songs)
More dedications to come...I've GOT to go to bed!

P.P.S. If you want a little peace and quiet, you can scroll down to the bottom of my page and click on the pause button to turn off the tunes. :)


Down in the Sun said...

Thanks for the dedication! I too think of that summer when I hear that song. I also think of when we made that funny video at Kings but that was a different song!

Kelli said...

That was "I Love Rock-n-Roll!" I'll have to find that one and put it on here. haha :)

Anne Bradshaw said...

I found your blog through the 'Writing' tab on my Interests profile. What a great tool for connections. And how nice to find another LDS writer!

Yesterday, I posted something that I think will interest writers everywhere. I blogged about David Wolverton/Farland (nationally renowned Sci-Fi and Fantasy author—think Star Wars books) and his free daily writing lessons and tips by email.

This man is super talented, and his totally free advice is for writers of all genres, at all stages of their careers.

Hope you don’t mind me letting you know this, but I’m so impressed with David’s generosity and willingness to help improve world writing skills, that I wanted to share with as many writers as possible.

I’ve been scribbling for over 20 years and am still learning plenty.

amanda said...

I love the music. I need to find more songs to put on mine...some I'm a little embarrassed of:)