Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"The Kid in You" Take 2!!!

Well, my picture didn't get chosen, but that's okay. There are some really cute ones posted and you can vote for your favorite. In hindsight, I should have posted my "Hide-n-Seek" picture of Abby to really capture the spirit of childhood (I love that picture!), but I thought they were wanting a picture showing the "big kid" in me. Still it was a fun idea!

Speaking of ideas - I posted a comment on their site saying I think it would be really fun to have a "Kid in You" Take 2 photo contest/swap featuring more of the mamas (w/ or w/o kiddos). I know we are usually the ones behind the camera (I always have to remind Pat to take a picture of me with the kids once in a while), but I'm sure we can muster up a photo or two that would reflect the "kid" in us. We'll have to see if they have time to do it, but if not, I thought it would be fun to have a photo swap on my blog and it would be a great way to connect with more blogging moms.

Since I'm not too savvy with links and such, here's how we'll do it...
1) Create a new post on your blog labeled "The Kid in You" Take 2! and post your picture. A short description is great or you can just let the picture do the talkin'...
2) Come back to my blog and post a comment that your picture is up. To see the pictures, others will just click on your name in the comments box to link back to your blog and look for the post. Be sure to leave a comment when you view someone's picture. (I love reading the comments! It's almost like passing notes in high school. haha!)
3)Try to post by this Sunday so we can keep the momentum going this week. If I get a pretty good response, maybe I can come up with some kind of little prize. Chocolate, perhaps???(Unfortunately, my budget won't allow for a Nintendo Wii. haha!)

So spread the word, have some fun, and post a pic of the "kid in you"!


Kristen M. said...

I'm with you. I love all the pictures that were chosen as finalists but I interpreted the contest to mean a picture of me acting out the "kid in me." I was a little disappointed that it turned into a child photo contest. Anyway, here was my entry. It is slightly out of focus as my husband reminded me - but it was taken by my four year old. It represents the best of childhood - playing in fall leaves.

By the way, I like your princess picture!

Terri said...

Ok I got mine up :)

amanda said...

I'm working on it Kelli. I just can't seem to find a good picture.

Kelli said...

Thanks Kristen and Terri for posting your pics. If any other moms happen to find a picture you want to post, feel free! This was my first attempt at a photo swap, but I realize that most of the time we are the ones behind the camera. Moms need to be in the pictures too ( we want our kids to have documentation of our existence) so don't be shy about asking your hubby's to be the photographer once in awhile! And if you have your camera at the park, ask a friend to snap a picture of you with the kids or offer to snap one for her. You'll be glad you did!