Monday, June 23, 2008

"Garden Experiment" Update!

It's been almost a month since we began our "garden experiment" and so far so good! We've planted tomato and zucchini starters, snap peas seeds, green pepper seeds, and even watermelon seeds. I had no idea that these zucchini plants would be so massive! And they've still got another month to go!!! My tomato plants are getting big too so I need to get something to hold those up. I keep forgetting to do that. I also had no idea that it would take 2 months before we'd be able to harvest any of it...I should have started sooner. Oh well! Abby and Noah love watching the plants grow and would water the garden all day, every day if I would let them. :) Overall, it's been a lot easier than I anticipated. For gardening greenies like me, square foot gardening is definitely the way to go! If you are feeling ambitious, check out the site and plant a box or two!

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Jen said...

Look at all of your plants. They've gotten so big. And that's a cute picture of Abby with her watering can. Keep it up. I'm proud of you! :)