Friday, June 27, 2008

T.G.I. "POW"day!!!

So this tells you how addicted I am...I am typing this in our hotel room. My husband and I are on a little overnight getaway. We haven't done this in 3 years! (My mom offered to watch the kids. Thanks, Mom!) But I didn't want to miss linking up to "POW" hosted by McMommy...

"McMommy's Friday POW leaves its audience wanting more! Touching, funny and heartwarming....this lighthearted romp through the complex world of blogging is a guaranteed smash hit. It's better than Cats!"
-Matt, The Playpen

(I tried to copy the superwoman picture too, but my computer is not cooperating!)

Check it out and link up your most "POW"erful Post Of the Week!


Don Mills Diva said...

I already did!

I love POW I might copy it for my blog - with due credit of course...:-)

Down in the Sun said...

Hello, weekend away without kids! That is awesome! Way to go grandma! I hope that you guys are having a relaxing time and enjoying your time away!

Ramseys said...

and you think I have an addiction???