Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Miss Independent

Abby had a blast today at her very first day of summer camp. She was so excited to go this morning. We planned for Daddy to take her (to avoid Mommy getting sentimental at the drop off). Of course, I had to get a picture of her as they were leaving. She had to show off her princess lunch bag.

I went to pick her up at noon, and, of course, another picture...

She showed me her little cubby and the solar system picture she made. Yes, I snapped another one...

After we left, I said to her, "Abby, I missed you this morning. Did you miss me?"

Abby: "No," then she pauses, "I didn't miss you at all."

Me: (a little surprised) "Not at all? How come?"

Abby: "I was having fun!"

I guess I can't argue with that. :)

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Terri said...

As painful as it is she will do great in preschool.