Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh, Friday! I thought you'd never come...

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I am too tired to blog.

Yes, I said it.

But I'm doing it anyway.

(proceed with caution...brain is not functioning at full capacity.)

This week has been kicking my behind.

My kids have been waking up EVEN MORE during the night...almost every two hours.

I am not exaggerating.

It's like they know I have to be up at 5:15am.

Sleep deprivation is setting in...

And DH (to use blogging lingo) is going out of town for work this weekend.


But if I hadn't been so tired this week...

I would have posted all about Abby's first day of preschool...
and how she decorated her tote bag the day before...

and how cute she looked...
and how excited she was! "Look Mama! There's my preschool." (We were waiting in the carpool line.)

And how I wandered around town aimlessly not quite sure what to do just having one we went to the Barnes and Noble storytime. (Noah loves playing with the trains.)

Then we ventured over to the playground (about a half mile away from the preschool...attachment issues I tell ya.)

Noah ran back and forth across this bridge close to 20 times. Is he a cute kid or what?

If I hadn't been so exhausted Tuesday night (& Weds night & Thurs night), I would have written all about how Abby absolutely loved her first day and couldn't wait to go back. And how I was proud of myself for keeping it together, even though I was fighting back tears as I dropped her off that morning...and as I pulled out of the parking lot...and as I drove down the road...and when I was sitting in B&N telling another mom that it was my daughter's first day of preschool.

She's growing up so fast...sniffle, sniffle. (She's snuggled in next to me as I am typing this.)

More preschool posts to come...

******Just a brief update from my prior post...

My early morning seminary class has gone pretty well so far. No one has slept through class yet so that's a major plus. :)

And I got the storyteller position I interviewed for on Monday. Yea!

Thanks for wishing me luck!

Now just cross your fingers that my kids will sleep for me tonight.

Did someone say Benadryl? :)


Rachel said...

Whew - what a week, thankfully you survived and hopefully you can catch a nap with the kiddos tomorrow!

Carol said...

You are superwoman. Two kids, seminary and a stroy telling job.

Hope you survive the weekend alone and that the kids sleep great. You certainly deserve it.

Abby is adorable all ready for her first day. I guess her and my Thomas must be a similar age he just started this week too.

Jen said...

You must have really good hearing, cause you heard me from several miles away. I think you might have even read my mind. I was totally thinking Benadryl, girl, you know I was!

Glad to hear that preschool, seminary, and the job position all went well this week. Talk to you soon!

amanda said...

congrats on a HUGE week :)

hoping you get lots of good sleep tonight and all weekend!!

Cecily R said...

If that's what you come up with when you are sleep deprived, I want to see what you can do with 8 hours! Good gosh woman, that was awesome!

Great pics. Abby looks so excited and adorable!

Congrats on the job...sounds PERFECT for you!!

Wendi said...

Sounds like your week was as busy as mine.
I am so behind in my posts and comments.
I am determined to "catch up" this weekend!
So glad all is well with seminary and the job worked out.
Yay for Abby and preschool.
Yup, you read my mind...definitely a little benadryl.

amanda said...

Don't you love weeks like that:( I am tired just reading it. Hope Abby's first day was a success for both you and her:)