Thursday, September 4, 2008

Who Knew Pigeons Could Be So Funny?

Not too long ago, I walked into Barnes and Noble (my favorite place on Earth) and saw this picture book on display...(The elementary school teacher in me CANNOT RESIST checking out new children's books.)

As I read this, I was seriously laughing out loud in the middle of the book store. The artwork is great. The captions are hilarious. It's so simple, but the pigeon's facial expressions and gestures crack me up...

I know, this is one of those "you have to read it for yourself" kind of things, but even if you don't buy the book, you can check out the website Pigeon Presents with your kiddos. (Mo Willems has a whole series of these Pigeon books and has written several other children's books as well featured on this site.) Abby got a kick out of playing Hot Dog Dress Up which goes along with this book. We probably "dressed up" a dozen of 'em. :) How does a hot dog topped with ice cream, relish, and marshmallows sound? (My little guy LOVES him some marshmallows!)



Rachel said...

This book looks hillarious - will have to hunt it down (my hubby will love you for showing me this too - he doesn't understand my "need" for books books books hehe)

amanda said...

love it friend - seriously one of my favorites!!

and you are right - i blame the elementary teacher in me too for my huge bills at barnes and noble :)

Carol said...

I have a serious kids book addiction.

Thomas's new teacher was very impressed with the 'library' in their room so it clearly has been worth the hundreds of pounds I have idly spent.

My boys love the hot dog one. It is one of our current must reads before bed. Along with anything by the author of the gruffalo.

Terri said...

LOL that is the one you had me read at Barnes and Nobel. It is funny!

Mamasphere said...

I love this book! I saved the website so my daughter and I can have some fun this afternoon. She loves dressing things up on, so I think she'll love this, too.

Wendi said...

Thanks for sharing.
I am definitely going to get this book.
Cole and I will be checking out the website.
Sounds like a great Sunday afternoon activity.