Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Hear ye! Hear ye! Presenting Princess Abby's castle cake for her Princess & Pirate B'day party! (A BIG THANK YOU to Diana for helping me with this cake idea!) Abby was so excited for her "guests" to arrive. She came bouncing into my room at 6:45am on Thursday morning saying, "Mama! Today is my Princess & Pirate Party! When are my friends coming?"

It was so neat to have Diana and Sam here all the way from Arizona! The girls had so much fun this past week. (I just wish AZ wasn't so far away!!!!!)

Princess Abby peeking out of her royal castle that "Papa" made for her. We used it for a little bean bag toss game. We also made princess tiaras and necklaces, pirate hats and swords (gotta love Foamie craft kits), and even had a little treasure hunt outside! The kids had a great time. They were so cute all dressed up in their princess and pirate outfits. It was a lot of fun! (I'm going to make a smilebox with more pictures! I took a ton!)

I just can't believe that Abby will be 4 years old in 4 days... sniffle, sniffle...


amanda said...

Looks like fun. She is so cute. You are the fun mom that made her feel like a princess. Happy Birthday Abby....where does the time go?

courtney said...

so cute! i still need to blog about our adventures at short pump...thanks again for sharing diana & sam with me for a day. it was fun to meet you, abby & noah and a nice break from our routine! plus, my sam looked so cute in the tie i got him at the children's place. love it!