Friday, May 9, 2008

It Worked for Me ???

I submitted a "tip" today to Parents Magazine for the "It Worked for Me" section. Any of you ever read Parents? I've been reading this book called "Writer Mama" & one of the writing exercises is to write "tips" and submit them. An extra bonus is that you get paid $25 if your tip is published. Nice, huh? So here is my first attempt (you have to send in a picture too)...let me know what ya think!

To personalize my daughter’s birthday invitations and thank-you notes, I ask her to help decorate them. When Abby was two, she just added a few stickers to her party invites and cards, but now that she is 4, she really gets into it! She draws pictures, adds glittery stickers, and loves to use (washable) markers to write her name. Abby’s friends love receiving their “embellished” invites, and she actually looks forward to helping with thank-you cards too!

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Mom2Miles said...

Good for you! I love "Writer Mama" & I also submitted some tips. Mine weren't that clever, though. :)