Friday, May 16, 2008


This morning I hear Noah calling out, "MaaaaaaaaaaaMaaaaaaaaa", like usual. I'm still half asleep when Pat nudges me and says, "Kelli, did you go get him out of his crib?" I'm still pretty disoriented (stayed up too late watching LOST, The Office, and Grey's Anatomy that we DVRed...I love how you can fast forward all the commercials...) and I say, "Not yet," as I'm still trying to open my eyes.
Pat says, "Well, he must have climbed out."

"WHAT???" and as soon as I sit up, Noah run around to my side of the bed saying, "Mama! Mama! Mama!" He runs up right next to me and throws his arms out to the sides like "TAH-DAH!!!! Here I am!"

It was so funny. I was pretty much laughing and crying at the same time...I'm not ready for this yet. Abby never climbed out of her crib (I know I got lucky), but this boy of mine is quite the climber and into everything. I figured it was only a matter of time... What's even funnier is that last night when Pat went in to check on him, I peeked through the door and thought to myself "He's so cute all snuggled up in his crib. I'm so glad he hasn't figured out how to climb out yet." That sure back-fired on me! He did stay in there for his nap far so good. We'll see what happens when he wakes up. I guess I have to start looking for toddler beds...darn it!

My crazy little boy snoozing away. :)

Abby at Noah's age... geez, they grow up so fast!


Terri said...

LOL. That is so funny. I am lucky. Makayla never tried climbing out and Cohen hasn't either. When I read your facebook this morning I was like "oh no poor Kelli!"

Mom2Miles said...

My son did the same thing recently!! The funny thing is, the first time he did it he acted all guilty. Then the next time, he seemed proud of himself! For some reason, though, he's only done it a couple of times, so I've managed to hold off on the toddler bed a little longer. Thank goodness!!