Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Abby has shrieked, "Snotty!" at least 65 times and it's not even 11am. Instead of grabbing a tissue herself(which I've asked her to repeatedly), she stands there with a distressed look on her face waiting for me to wipe her nose. Pat actually laughed at me this morning before he left for work at 9am. (She had said it about 25 times at that point.) "Man, what a fun day you are going to have..." he said, still laughing. Hmmmm.... Just a tip to the dads out there - It is not wise to laugh at your wife's misfortune and then waltz out the door, especially if you're not even planning to come home at the usual time because you have a softball game after work.

Mom Question - Do you give your kids Benadryl during the day to help with runny noses? I give it to them at night, but I haven't done it during the day since it makes them drowsy...but maybe that's not such a bad idea. hahaha! :)

P.S. As I was typing that question, I had to stop and grab a tissue while Abby was yelling "Snotty! Snotty! Snotty!"(...66..67...68) followed by "Hungry!" At least, she's varying it up a bit.

Here's hoping all your kids are "snotty" free! :)


courtney said...

ha ha! at our house it is "whazzat? whazzat? whazzat?" over and over and over and over and over again. and over. and over. :) i feel your pain! (and that is a fabulous tip for all dads out there!)

Terri said...

So you aren't going to make it to the RS dinner? Oh and I give them meds during the day.

amanda said...

Negative! We've all got the sniffles out here too. No fun. Over here, Spring just hasn't decided to come out yet. We're still battling 50 degree weather so we are all sick.
Hope she feels better soon.