Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tagged Again!

The creative and multi-talented Andrea from Simple Things has invited me to play this Four Things Tag. So here we go!!!

Four jobs I’ve had:
*A retail clerk at an amusement park (high school summer job)
*A Taco Time cook and cashier (came home every day smelling like fried meat. Yuck!)
*A children's dance and musical theater teacher (still do a little of that)
*An elementary school teacher (Loved that. I plan to go back when the kids get a little older.)

Four movies I can watch over and over:
*You've Got Mail
*While You Were Sleeping
*My Big Fat Greek Wedding
*Circle of Friends
(I could name more romantic comedies, but it only asks for 4!)

Four places I’ve lived:
*Orange County, CA (Way before the OC became popular. haha!)
*N.Little Rock, AR (Bill Clinton was the governor at the time.)
*Las Vegas, NV (Gotta love IN-N-OUT Burgers!)
*Boston, MA (really in a little town just outside it, but Boston is more exciting.)
(Again, I could name more...I've moved A LOT!)

Four TV shows I love:
All time favs? The Cosby Show and Full House (I still watch FH reruns with my kids.)
Current favs? LOST and The Office (Although we're big American Idol watchers too.)

Four places I’ve vacationed:
*Myrtle Beach, SC
*Orlando, FL (went to Disney for the 1st time w/kiddos. SO AWESOME!)
*Waikiki, HI (Sooooooooo long ago...would love to go back!)
*San Diego, CA (For our honeymoon....again, sooooo long ago.)

Four of my favorite dishes:
Um...all my favorite dishes are desserts!
*Crepe Diablotin (you know I had to mention that!)
*Strawberry Shortcake
*Pineapple Coconut Cake
*Pretty much anything with chocolate!!!

Four sites I visit daily:
(More like every other day...)
*PBS Teacherline (I'm taking a class right now)
*5 Minutes for Mom
*Writer Mama
*And I have to admit, I check my blog for comments pretty much everyday & try to respond! (I LOVE comments & "mommy blog" hopping.)

Four places I would rather be right now:
*Definitely at the beach
*Watching a housekeeper clean my out-of-control house while I sit there and finish reading P.S. I Love You. (I'm getting so close!)
*Ireland (The scenery is so beautiful in the movie, P.S.I Love You. I'd love to go! Can ya tell I liked this movie?)
*Getting a pedicure. (But a regular one, not one of those fish pedicures...have you heard about this? Definitely not for me.)

Tag Four People:
(I thought I'd tag some of my frequent "commenters"...if you wanna play.)
Laural @ Mamasphere
Rachel @ Life At Our House
Carol @ The Siswick Construction Zone
Jen @ The Most Important Work

*You don't have to be as detailed as me...I can be a bit long-winded. haha!


Rachel said...

Thanks for the tag - I'm getting mine up as we speak.....or write maybe

Carol said...

Thanks for the tag, I have done a similar one but some of the question are different.

Sorry to hear about your friends mum passing away. Our cousins 3 year old died unexpectedly this weekend and we too feel helpless. Thank goodness for prayer eh? At this time it is all we can really offer.

Chelle said...

Ooohh...I love PS I Love You!! Isn't it a great book? I read the book first and the movie was nowhere near as good :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice. :)

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