Wednesday, July 16, 2008

WFMW- "Creative" Fireplace Cushion

Moms always compliment my "creative" fireplace cushion when they come over to my house for the first I thought I'd share the idea with all you bloggin' mamas out there!

I'm not a big fan of foam edges on the fireplace since there is still nothing cushioning the brick area on top. (The edges don't do much for the decor of the room either...the beauty of babyproofing.) So I thought, Wouldn't it be great if there was a fireplace cushion that could lay just across the top?

And if I were an accomplished seamstress, I could just stitch one up. No problem! The sad reality is that I cannot sew at all, hardly even a button. I need to learn one of these days.

So I came up with this idea while browsing through Target one day. The lounge chair (or chaise?) cushions were on summer clearance, and I thought, Hey, maybe this would work! I bought one (@ $20) with a neutral fabric, cut the strings off, and it fit perfectly! Only problem was it was slippin' and slidin' a bit so I thought, How about this?
I cut a couple pieces of the plastic rug gripper material and put it underneath
and VOILA!!! A non-slip, sew-free fireplace cushion!

I even amazed myself with this one! :)

*FYI - Cushions are 50% off right now at Target in the outdoor furniture dept.if anyone wants to use this idea! Click here for more WFMW!


Nodin's Nest said...

Great Idea, we dont have a fireplace but I also use those cushions for dog beds!

Cindy said...

Great idea! Our fireplace hearth is level with the floor, but I would definitely use this idea if it were raised. I love using things for a purpose other than for which they were intended!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on The Happy Ones!

Jen said...

Sweet WFMW idea! Love that creative mind. Look at you thinkin' outside of the box and everything! :)

Darleen said...

great idea, a friend of mine did something very similiar with her fireplace in a small room....loved the extra seating..thanks for sharing!!

Mom2Miles said...

Very clever! We have a tape-and-foam contraption that's just not cutting it.