Sunday, November 2, 2008

"How-wa-weeeeen" Highlights!

I had every intention this year of not spending any money on Halloween costumes. I planned for Abby to wear her Cinderella dress, and Noah seemed fine with the Nemo costume Abby wore a couple years ago.

Then I saw the Thomas costume at Target.

Not that it's the cutest costume ever, but Noah LOVES Thomas! He's pretty much obsessed. The first thing he wants to do every morning (without fail) is play with his "choo-choo chains". So you can imagine his face when he saw this costume!

Of course, there was no way I could have bought a costume for Noah and not Abby...especially since she is obsessed with the Barbie Diamond Castle movie right now and dances around the house singing "Con-nec-ted! Con-nec-ted!" on an hourly basis.

And Target just happened to carry the Princess Liana dress too.

What can I say?

Maybe they'll want to wear these again next year. (haha!)
Here's my favorite Halloween picture of the kiddos (despite the red eye that I couldn't edit.) I love how Noah is tilting his head and grinning from ear to ear. They had a blast trick-or-treating. They were so good about saying thank you for their goodies, and then Noah would enthusiastically say "Appy How-wa-weeeeen!" It was too cute.

We've got some great kids (as their Daddy always says).

Here's a few more fun pics...Smilebox style.
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Anonymous said...

that is super cute!! i have never seen a smile box before! They have grown so much in two years and are really really adorable!

Rachel said...

How cute, looks like your 'pumpkins' had a great time - and I love the Smilebox!

Anonymous said...

Cute costumes! Love them!

Anonymous said...

We sing that song a lot at our house too. Abby and Noah look soooo cute!!!

peata said...

great smilebox. loke that tune.
thx for sharing.
im on my way now.
making mini albums
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Terri said...

I wish you would have checked out Once upon a child they had a Thomas Train there in very good shape.

Shannon said...

That Thomas costume IS adorable - it is so cute!! They're both adorable . . . must have been a fun Halloween!

Jenny said...

Very cute! I love their costumes. You're such a good mama:)