Monday, November 10, 2008

I've hit 1000!!!


1000 profile views!

I've hit the big time now.

Is there a special meme for that one?

(Geez, I hope not. Can you imagine?)

Of course, it only took ELEVEN MONTHS from the time this blog was created to get there.

But in all fairness to myself, I didn't really start posting much on here until that's not too bad, right?

And just trying to make myself feel better, profile views are counted separately than visits to your blog page.

And yes, I know I could add one of those site meters, but I may be setting myself up for disappointment.

Still, I only have myself to blame for my lack of visitors as of late since I haven't had time to post (or comment on) much of anything.

One of these days, things will calm down and get back to normal, right?

Until then, don't think I've forgotten about you!

Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll get to post a Wordless Wednesday this week!

Maybe...just maybe. :)


Anonymous said...

yay!! congrats! that is so exciting!

Chelle said...

Woohoo! I'm cheering for ya girlie!

That's awesome!!

amanda said...

I have been a huge slacker too so I forgive you. Life is always crazy but hopefully it will slow down for you soon. I still peek at your blog almost everyday even if I don't comment.

Jenny Ramsey said...

i so visit AND i tagged you.....the monster you've created.
ps. brusters......soooooooon!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! That's really cool.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Girl, from one slacker to another, I TOTALLY FEEL ya.

You? Rocketh.

Anonymous said...

Congrats that's awesome! woo hoo!

amanda said...


yay for you!!

Wendi said...

Congratulations girl!
How exciting.
You are such a great writer, I am not surprised!
Happy Tuesday!

Cecily R said...

Congratulations!!! I haven't checked, but I doubt I'm anywhere NEAR that number!!

And I totally feel you on the blog slacking...I am SO behind!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

You guys are too nice...Cecily - you have over 6000 profile views, girl!

I was really only kidding around a bit with this post. I promise I'm not too depressed my blog only have 12 followers....really! haha! But thanks for trying to boost my blogging confidence.
hahaha :)

Marjo said...

Hi Kelli,
Congratulations on your 1000 milestone. Looking for it to go up in the future, when things settle down :)
Have been following your blog of a while Wendy gave it to me.
I love it, you are such a great writer. Marjo

Chelle said...

Left you something on my blog, girlie...go check it out :)

Tracey said...

Also, don't forget about all of us who read through feeds!! Bloglines and GoogleReader... Much bigger number of readers than you're thinking, I'm sure!

Don Mills Diva said...



Now I am curious to find out who many profile views I have - never really thought of it before...

Carol said...

I know where you're coming from. I think everyone is having trouble keeping up at the mo, well I know for sure I am.