Friday, September 4, 2009

PSF - Teeing off with Dad!

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Chris

On Abby's first birthday, Daddy presented her with her very first set of plastic golf clubs. And, of course, when Noah turned one, Daddy got him a set too. Even when the kids were in still in utero, Pat talked about one day being able to take them out on the course. He started scouting out Daddy-and-me golf lessons when Abby was barely two years old, only to find that the starting age at the limited places that do offer them is four or five. In the meantime, mini golf, hitting balls in the backyard, and Noah's golf course mural (courtesy of "Papa") have had to suffice...
But not anymore!!!
Hitting balls at the range with Dad. Noah's got a pretty mean swing for three-year-old.
Noah loves to loves to put the tees in the ground and set up his ball. The first time they went to the range, he showed Daddy his swing and told him, "Dad, I'm learning you how to play golf!"
Looks more like Abby's holding a hockey stick...This set is actually too big for her, but she still manages to hit the ball pretty far!
Noah is putting with a 6 iron. :) Later that morning, we broke down and got him a real kid-sized putter. I told him he'd have to trade his putter for his pacifier (which he was still using at bedtime). Worked like a charm! (I wish I'd thought of that little incentive before.)
Next thing you know, they'll be out on the golf course together, and I'll be driving the cart. (That's my favorite part.) We're hoping to get involved with The First Tee chapter here in our area too. Who knows? One labor day weekend, a few years from now, we might be at The First Tee Open at Pebble Beach. Now that would be a golfing dad's dream come true!


kaye said...

I'm impressed. Here’s my photo story. happy Friday!

Kacey R. said...

So much fun! The little plastic set next to the bigger ones is precious. It's great to have something fun for the entire family to do!

And the paci for the putter? Great idea! Ryder was using his paci at bedtime too and before he turned three we took him to the toy store and told him to pick out a toy but he had to pay with is paci. He did it and luckily he picked a soccer ball! LOL Looking back we took a risk saying "pick out whatever you like" LOL That could have been really bad. :D

Down in the Sun said...

I love all of the pictures! What a fun family activity! My boys would be in heaven!

sandy said...

That is so sweet. They look like they're having a ball on the course, and they definitely look like naturals.

Chris said...

I LOVE that Father/son golf shot!

Well done!

Shannon said...

Makenzie and Parker both had plastic clubs but pretty much when Parker started walking... out the door they went. Everything became a target for him! Kids are cute... seems like your doing just fine!

angie said...

I'll be driving the cart in my family, too. :)

Anonymous said...

My oldest DD got her first golf club set at one, as well. For her fourth birthday, her "Uncle" (my husband's best friend of almost 20 years) bought her a Barbie club set that looks "just like Daddy's"....well, only pink. LOL. She was so excited and DH has looked into our area's age minimum. Sadly, she has to wait until 7 to join Daddy on the course.