Monday, April 5, 2010

101 Essentials from The Motherhood Muse (& Giveaway!)

I am happy to be hosting The Motherhood Muse today, not only because it is such a great concept for a literary magazine, but also because the most recent edition - Secret Gardens - features an inspiring personal essay written by my very good friend, Jenny Ramsey, called A Lesson From Lambs Ears.

I can't help but get emotional each time I read Jenny's essay. Living less than three minutes away from her at the time, I witnessed her heartache as well as her healing process that she so thoughtfully shares in this piece. She is an amazing person and friend, and I admire her so much for being willing to share this experience with others.

That being said - if you leave a comment related to today's post, you will be entered into a random drawing for a free digital subscription to The Motherhood Muse 2010 issues including the Secret Gardens edition. Kim Zook, the editor, will email you a link for your subscription at the end of the April blog tour.

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101 Essentials to Writing, Nature, Motherhood and Children
by Kim Zook

The Motherhood Muse literary magazine publishes the voices of women, men, and children on the topic of parenting, nature, and childhood. We are a community of individuals who share one common goal: to develop a more meaningful relationship with nature in order to show our children the importance of being connected with the environment. Whether you come to The Motherhood Muse to learn more about writing, nature, parenting and/or childhood, our magazine will help! Below are some very essential sites, ideas, people, reading material, projects and more to help you. We hope you’ll help us continue this list to share with everyone links you know of!

On Writing about Nature
1. The Association for the Study of Literature & Environment
A community of writers, artists, environmentalist and more who come together to discuss the interpretation and representation of nature in language and culture.

2. Terry Tempest Williams
Terry Tempest Williams is an exceptional writer whose interpretations and writings on nature will inspire you to write about nature.

3. Henry Thoreau as a Model for Nature Writing
Ron Harton provides a clear guideline to nature writing that benefits all writers.

4. Anna Mills on Nature Writing
A nature writing blog full of great ideas and sources.

5. Orion magazine
One of the best sources of literature on nature.

6. Environmental Writing Institute
Workshops on nature writing for novice and experienced writers.

7. Lost Borders
A nature writing blog on beauty, meaning, and hope in California.

8. Tales from the Nature-Writing Trenches: An Interview
Two authors discuss nature writing and more.

9. Nature Writing Links
The ultimate source of links to nature writers and writing.

10. Writing Nature in a Computer Environment
An essay to inspire and encourage.

11. Orange County Nature Writing
A literary celebration of Orange County

12. An Online Writing Course about Nature
Help for writing, selling, and publishing writing on nature and travel.

13. Guide to American Nature Writing
An extensive list of sources on writing.

14. Inside a Stone: Nature Writing in a City Classroom
An essay.

15. Best of Nature Writing
Descriptive categories of nature writing.

16. Wild About Nature Blog
Writing about nature adventures for adults and children.

17. Mon@rch’s Nature Blog
A NY field biologist writes about nature.

18. Nature Mom’s Blog
Insight from a mom trying to raise her family in a healthy natural life.

19. The Nature Conservancy Cool Green Science Blog
International news about nature and conservation.

20. Urban Science Adventures
Exploring and discovering nature in urban areas.

On Writing about Motherhood
21. WOW! Women on Writing
An international source of support for women who are novice and experienced writers.

22. Literary Mama
Fantastic writing on motherhood!

23. MamaZina
More fantastic writing on motherhood!

24. Editor Unleashed Forum
A wealth of information for writers and a place to find answers to your questions.

25. The Urban Muse
Very practical and useful information for all writers.

26. Writing Motherhood
Reasons to join a community of mother writers.

27. The Motherhood Writing Mamas Circle
Just one of many community circles for mothers and writers.

28. Writing Mom-Lit
A How-To Guide

29. Mother Words: Mothers Who Write
Kate Hopper offers an outstanding online course on writing motherhood.

30. Writer Mama Online Writing Courses
A variety of classes taught by leading writer mamas.

31. Mother Daughter Book Club
A source for mothers and daughters on the sharing of literature.

32. The Momoir Project
A guide for writing your motherhood stories.

33. Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers
A literary magazine on motherhood featuring award-winning writing.

34. HipMama
Writing on motherhood sure to get your brain thinking.

35. Zona Rosa
How writing and sisterhood can change women’s lives.

On Engaging in Mother Nature
36. Happy Trails Family Nature Club
Created by columnist Jodi Hiland to help get families into nature.

37. EcoExpressions: Nature Writing for Youth
Outdoor exploration with creative writing for children

38. Children & Nature Network
International community helping children to reconnect with nature

39. Nature for Kids
Ideas for getting children outdoors.

40. Kids Discover Nature
A guide to connecting kids with nature.

41. Women and Nature
Judith Plant’s essay to inspire.

42. Outdoor Afro
A community reconnecting African-Americans with the outdoors.

43. The Children’s Nature Institute
Providing children with opportunities to explore the natural world.

44. Richard Louv
More on the author of Last Child in the Woods

45. Green Hearts
Institute for Nature in Childhood

46. Nature Learning Initiative
Creating environments for healthy learning and growing

47. Tom Brown Jr. Tracker School
Learning survival skills with your children

48. Reconnecting Children to Nature
A parent’s priority explained

49. Earth and Mind: the blog
Reflections on thinking and learning about the Earth

50. Let’s Go Outside
Fish and Wildlife Service offers many ideas and opportunities

51. How to Keep Your Children Curious About Nature list of ideas

52. Happy Free Children
Ways to help children reconnect with nature

53. Rodale: Where Health Meets Green
5 Ways to get nature into your life

54. Alaska Women’s Environmental Network
A community of women inspired by nature

55. Women’s Walking Workshop
Indian Creek Nature Center for women
56. And More! We’d love to have you continue this list to make it to 101! So chime in with comments for any website, blog, book, or more on any topic relating to Nature, Motherhood, Parenting, Children, and Writing!

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***4/6 - And the winner is (by random "out of a hat" selection) is Mama Zen! Congrats! ***


Jenny Ramsey said...

kelli, what can i say, thanks for being my friend...that's like the biggest favor ever!
thank you for everything. you're a gem of a woman.
ps. i don't need to be entered in the contest of course but i just wanted to say thank you and tell you how amazing you are!

Terri said...

I want to be able to read her story. I love how Jenny writes. I know it is an amazing article.

editor said...

Thank you for hosting here today! It's an honor to be on your blog and what wonderful words for Jenny and her essay. She is a truly talented writer and her essay is beautiful. I think it will touch the hearts of all our readers. Thank you again for sharing this information about The Motherhood Muse with your followers!

Mama Zen said...

What a fabulous collection of links!

Jenni said...

Now I want to read Jenny's essay, too!

Thanks for hosting today. And thank you for the wonderful collection of links, Kim! Wow! I need to print out this list and tape it to my laptop.