Thursday, April 1, 2010

Putting some SPRING in our step (Fishful Photo Story style)!

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I am not a winter person. I have been counting down to spring like a kid counts down to Christmas. Now that it is finally here, I'm taking full advantage of it! We've been outside every afternoon this week. Yesterday, I took the kids to the park (a couple of times). On Tuesday, Pat and the kids kicked the soccer ball around in the front yard. On Monday, we went for a Nature Sense Walk and counted all of the "popcorn trees" in our neighborhood.

13 - to be exact!

We spotted some other wonderful signs of Spring along the way as well...

How I love seeing GREEN grass!

Abby spotted these smiley daffodils and snapped this by herself.

Throwing rocks and watching them splash in this big ol' puddle was Noah's favorite part!

Soaking in the sunshine and taking walks like these with my kids definitely put that extra spring in our step!

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Jenny Ramsey said...

oh spring!! how we have missed you!!!

Down in the Sun said...

I wish we had "Popcorn Trees" here. Thanks for linking me up. I was amazed that I actually got my post up early!

amanda said...

it's like just like that - someone flipped a switch and it's spring!! i can't get enough of being outside soaking it all up!!

Cecily R said...

The trees look white on our streets too but because of SNOW. Darn it!

I'm excited for when popcorn trees start popping up around better happen soon or I'll go stir crazy!

Emily said...

I am sooo excited about spring that I seriously want to jump up and down screaming!! :)
Love the shots too.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Oh spring! We have yet to really see her.... got some snow mixed with rain today.

Chris said...

Not much beats throwing rocks into water. What is it about that simple act that captivates boys and men everywhere?

We had Spring one day this week...

The daffodils are lovely -- mine are struggling to find a reason to live :)

Erin said...

Spring is my fav time of year...and you proved why with your pics...everything is so beautiful!

Life with Kaishon said...

Don't you just love this weather? It makes me smile as soon as I wake up in the morning. Hope you have a happy Easter weekend. I LOVE that pretty blossoming tree. Just gorgeous!

Kris said...

I love spring.

great shots

Julie said...

Nice shots! I LOVE spring. :)

angie said...

Fabulous. I love that you found signs of spring as an outing!