Saturday, April 3, 2010

A meal fit for a....BUNNY!

Every year we usually leave the Easter Bunny a few carrots for his trouble, but this "Easter Eve"(as Abby's been calling it), our magical floppy-earred friend shall have a selection of marshmallows, a strawberry, and baby carrots served on a fancy-schmancy plate.

The kids must be hoping for something extra special in their baskets this year. :)

*Also if you are looking for some activities to do with the kids during the LDS General Conference tomorrow, check out the links over at Raising 4 Boys or I'm planning to do these little conference eggs with the kids - should be fun! Happy Easter!


Cecily R said...

Wow. You guys are nice. The Easter Bunny and I are not on good terms. I forgot about him this year!!! All of his goodies were still in the TRUNK when my kids woke up (I blame it on being sick and having a fever...think that flies?)!!!

I fed them a story about him being busy and asking me to hide things and forgetting. LUCKILY Gracie is so determined to believe in him that she bought it. Whew.

Jenny Ramsey said...

what cuties!! i'll bet the easter bunny appreciates the nutritional boost....though i personally don't think that being surrounded by chocolate all the time would be such a bad thing.

amanda said...

so adorable! hope they found all their easter wishes had come true when they woke up!