Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ten Things to Smile About...

I thought it would be fun to link up over at Emmy's place for her Ten Things to Smile About monthly meme - love this idea! My day got off to a rocky start - alarm didn't go off, Abby was late for school, etc... Reflecting back on the month helped put me in a better mood. So thanks, Emmy! Here's my list for April:

Ten Things to Smile About...
  1. Playing this little joke at dinner on April Fool's Day - I put the "juice" in their Disney tumblers with straws so they could see the "juice", but they couldn't figure out why nothing was coming out of their straws. It was pretty funny.
  2. A "super-duper fun" Easter - perfect weather, great conference talks, BBQ, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and cupcakes!
  3. Seeing Abby play soccer. She's so cute in her little uniform and prancing around on the field. She even scored her first goal!
  4. Going to Pizza Hut to redeem Abby's third Book-It certificate for a free personal pan pizza. She loves that pepperoni!
  5. Making Squid Dogs for dinner. Rainbow Goldfish crackers were the perfect side dish.
  6. Spending the afternoon at the botanical gardens playing in treehouses and enjoying the tulips.
  7. Going on a Happiness Scavenger Hunt on Earth Day and finding a pet caterpillar that is now nestled inside of a chrysalis! The kids even have a butterfly house ready for it that they made earlier this month. (Pics to come!)
  8. Finding my teapot cake picture on the Family Fun website! I entered it a couple weeks ago for The Great Cake Contest. I've submitted a couple other ideas to them too. To even imagine having an article or idea published in that magazine makes me smile.
  9. Going to storytime and sharing a double Godiva chocolate chip cookie with Noah at Barnes and Noble yesterday. yum!
  10. Watching Abby wiggle her tooth like crazy, reading Wibble Wobble, and answering all kinds of questions about the tooth fairy.
If she ends up losing it within the next couple of days, I'll definitely have to add a #11 to my list!


amanda said...

reflecting on the good things is always a great mood lifter :) sounds like it was a great month friend!

and congrats on the cake fame!

Cheryl Lage said...

Kelli, I'm all up in your positivity! :) (How BEAUTIFUL your kiddos are, too!)

Think I may have to join in on this one sometime!

(Love those Rainbow Goldfish as a side-dish, too. :) )

Emmy said...

Thanks for linking up! And glad it helped your day be better. That is why I started those lists, it is so easy to look back and just thing, ugh what a hard month.. but there are always good things.

Congrats on your teapot cake! that is so awesome! And I love your April Fool's joke, I think I will have to try that next year, or sometime soon just for fun :)

Excited to see your butterfly