Sunday, April 18, 2010

A little hint for Mother's Day...

Lately, I've been feeling pretty discouraged in the housekeeping department. As much as I pick things up off of the floor, fold laundry, clean bathrooms, and wash dishes, the mess seems to reappear in a matter of minutes - like I never even lifted a finger. Ugh.

Friday was probably the most discouraged I've felt in awhile. Not to mention the fact that Noah was being pretty demanding and uncooperative, even after we'd done an art activity, played on the computer, and had a snack - so that wasn't really helping my mood much either. Even when I attempted to put on a CD to lighten the mood a bit, he threw a fit. Go figure.

I felt like I was really losing my cool, so I decided to find the iPod, put in the earbuds, and listen to some tunes. One of them being this song by Hilary Weeks -

I know you wonder if you'll ever have a day
when the kids stay calm,

the laundry's done, and the dishes are put away.
And sometimes you feel like your days are spent and gone
and the question running through your mind is
what have I gotten done?

And when you finally have a moment to slow down
At the end of you day I know Father would say
Believe in what you're doing
Believe in who you are...

It may seem simple - all the little things you do
But the lives you touch matter so much
And there's no one else like you.
And Father needs you to stand tall and faithful
to be all you can be.

Oh, if you could see what he sees...

When it's hard to believe in yourself and
you feel like you're beginning to doubt

Remember - He believes in what you're doing
He believes in who you are

The lyrics really resonated with me, as all of her songs tend to do, but this was the one I needed to hear at that moment to encourage me and put things in perspective.

Hilary is a mom of four so she knows what moms need to hear and what a challenge and a privilege it is to be a mother - so she also wrote this book to go along with the song.

(So, dear husband of mine, if you happen to see this post and are wondering what in the world to get me for Mother's Day - please click here.)

As an early present to myself, I'll be downloading her newest song that she shared on her blog this past week called Hope on the Horizon. (Click here to listen to it.) It's awesome.


Emmy said...

That sounds like the perfect song!

Jessie Oliveros said...

This is just what I needed to hear RIGHT NOW because I'm sick today but my son refuses to LET me be sick.

Mom2Miles said...

Oh, mama, can I relate! We had a biweekly cleaning person but we had to cut back & I can barely keep up. And that was just the deep cleaning, I still had to clean the kitchen & floors daily. Now, forget it... it's like Armageddon around here.

Stef said...

I LOVE Hilary Weeks!! Have all her CD's. And you have to know that what you are doing, no-one else will do it! This is what we were made take those beautiful little ones and to help mold them into the Great human being that HE needs them to be!'s a wave...get out the surf boards and ride it out!!