Monday, April 26, 2010

Abby's FIRST loose tooth!

I don't think I've seen Abby this excited since the first day of Kindergarten. She's been hoping for a loose tooth ever since she first learned a couple years ago that a fairy and shiny coins were involved.

Right after I took this video, Noah asked for an apple hoping that he'd knock one loose too. We told him he should have another year or two before that happens.

I can't believe Abby's even old enough to have this wobbly tooth. It's still sinking in that her sixth birthday is right around the corner, and her Kindergarten graduation is two weeks from today!

In the meantime, she's wiggling that tooth like crazy. Daddy teased her that he could pull it out with the pliers if she wanted to put it under her pillow tonight. She's so excited about the tooth fairy's visit, I think she's actually considering it.


Emmy said...

That is so cute! She is so excited. We haven't had any loose teeth yet, but I am sure before we know it

amanda said...

sooo adorable :) i can't even imagine losing teeth at this age - it seems so far away. but i know time flies and before long it will be our turn too!

Evelyn Perkins said...

Oh how cute! I have been getting excited for this too. Oh and the five year old is too. Hee hee! We will be giddy together when it finally happens.

Kat said...

There is just something so exciting (and sad) about that first loose tooth! :)
Good luck getting her fingers out of her mouth until them. ;)

Cecily R said...

All these exciting!!!