Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Happy List! :o)

My bloggy Fishful Thinking pal, Mamarazzi, hosts this HAPPY little weekly link-up so I thought I'd join in today, especially after seeing these babies while in the check out line at the grocery store-
Mini-Reese's Peanut Butter Cups make me HAPPY. They are the first thing I look for when the kids dump out all of their Halloween candy each year. I never buy them though since they are $4 a bag, and I would not have any self-control with that many Reese's Cups in the house. 

But a teeny tiny bag like this one?
It was the best 89 cents I've spent all week!

Also on my list this week:
  • Lots of SUNSHINE and wearing flip flops outside
  • Finding a reasonably priced dog trainer to help us with our crazy lab pup ($20/hour for a home visit!)
  • Chatting with my Fishful Thinking friends on our first faculty call since November. (I've missed those gals!)
  • Completing my very first sewing project with Abby - a ladybug purse - without a pattern! (so much easier than the dress)
  • Playing "Tickle Hide-n-Seek" (at Noah's request) this afternoon 
  • Being surprised with another package of Reese's Cups courtesy of my dear husband this evening - does he know me or what?
  • Snuggles, stories, and songs with the kiddos at bedtime...that always makes the list.

What made you smile this week? Link up over at Mamarazzi's place!



Kat said...

Oooo. How fun! I like this meme.

Okay, those Reese's minis could get me in some serious trouble. Those are my favs!!! YUM!!!

I can't wait for sandal weather. Hurry, summer!

Jenny Ramsey said...

healthy baby BOY!!

Mamarazzi said...

GREAT Happy List!

i loved our call too, having that time with Karen means EVERYTHING to me. so valuable!

amanda said...

yay for happy lists!!

tonights happy item: hubby coming home from work and all of us dancing in the baby's room.

it's the little things right?