Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WW: Kids Helping Kids - Valentines with HEART!

Armed with stickers, foam hearts, glitter glue, and crayons, about a dozen kiddos (ages 2-11) got to work making valentines during our little decorating party on Friday. Between all of us moms, there were tons of supplies to go around! (Thanks, ladies!) What impressed me most was how much time the kids spent decorating these valentines knowing they were for children at the hospital. They were definitely made with lots of heart!

Abby and I delivered them on Saturday afternoon and explained that these had been made especially for the patients during the decorating party. The nurses were so touched and actually asked if we would take some around to the patients who could have visitors.We weren't expecting to be able to personally deliver them so that was a nice surprise!

Abby was able to give a handful of Valentines to three different children. It was neat to see both their eyes and Abby's eyes light up as she delivered their Valentines. One mother of a little boy (about Noah's age) commented that he would be missing his Valentine's party on Monday and thanked us for the cards.

Before we left, a nurse asked if Abby would tape the rest of the Valentines to the windows in the game room for the kids to enjoy. It was a special experience.

I keep thinking about those families, especially after having to take Abby to doctor yesterday for a high fever and cough. She was so upset about having to be swabbed for strep and the flu - crying, covering her mouth... I can only imagine what these sick children have to endure and how hard it must be for their parents to watch it all. I am stressed just trying to figure out how to use this nebulizer machine for Abby and worrying if she'll have some kind of reaction to her prescription. Still, I am so thankful that my kids are generally healthy and that there is technology and medicines out there to help when they are under the weather.

My heart goes out to those families, and I hope and pray that their children will be back to their happy, rambunctious, playful selves very soon!

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angie said...

What a beautiful, beautiful thing to do. The Valentine's are gorgeous.

Stacy Uncorked said...

What an awesome thing you and your kids did! Very, very cool.

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amanda said...

LOVE this!!