Monday, February 28, 2011

Such a Gentleman...

When I asked the kids to go to the bathroom before leaving the house (as I always do - usually multiple times), Noah yelled to Abby, "LADIES FIRST!!!"

How chivalrous! (and clever, I must say. That boy knows how to stall.)

Despite his crazy antics and obsession with potty humor (thanks to Daddy), he sure knows the way to his momma's heart.

As I was tucking him into bed tonight, he gave me snuggles and Eskimo kisses. When I gave him a few butterfly kisses in return, he belly-laughed and nuzzled his face closer, cheek to cheek.

Definitely a charmer, that boy of mine.


Jenny Ramsey said...

it's only 8am and you've already posted on your blog? color me impressed.

Jenny Ramsey said...

it occured to me that you said "when i tucked him in TONIGHT" so i read the time. please, oh pleeeease tell me you were not really blogging at 1:09am.

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

It was really 11:09pm if that makes you feel any better. Not to say that I have never stayed up way too late blogging. ;) I just changed the time stamp setting - again. That thing has a mind of its own.