Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fishful Thinking Thursday - You've gotta see this!!!

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Over the weekend, I went on the Fishful Thinking website to watch Dr. Reivich's Optimism workshop from the Oprah magazine's O You event in 2007. Click here - It's found under RESOURCES, then Video Center (scroll about half way down to part 1). It was awesome!!! Well worth the 42 minutes. It's broken into eight segments and was so intriguing that I kept clicking one right after the other.

One of the key questions Dr. Reivich answers is  -
Can you be too optimistic?
 Yesiree, Bob! In part 4 of the workshop (@ 6 minutes), she discusses unbridled optimism vs. healthy optimism. Being an ostrich with his head in the sand vs. being able to see the good and the bad and then figuring out how to deal with those things (aka Fishful Thinking). She also gives proven strategies that help to overcome everyday obstacles like our inner critic, time urgency, and the negativity we are faced with every day just by turning on the news.

One of the ideas that I really liked is creating an AWE Wall. Posting cut-outs, photos, drawings, and/or notes that feature something awe inspiring on a wall in your home helps to make space for more beauty in our lives.  I found a spot in our kitchen where our AWE Wall is going to be, along with our Grateful Sayings poster that we'll be doing over Thanksgiving. What a perfect time to create these visual reminders of the things we are thankful for and that inspire us.

Watching this workshop reaffirmed why I am a such an advocate of Fishful Thinking.  I am grateful to be a parent ambassador and to have this opportunity to spread the word about this great resource.  I have been so inspired by all of you Fishful Thinking mamas out there who strive to instill optimism and resilience in your kiddos each day. You gals rock!

More than anything, I am truly grateful for my amazing kiddos who inspire me every single day. 

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Heidi said...

You three are so cute. So are you going to do a vinyl sticker that says AWE WALL or are you going to call it something else?
I was just sitting here thinking about what I could post today that would qualify as Fishful thinking material. It is really sad that I can't come up with anything positive that I did with my kids this week.
Thank you for the eye opener. I really need to spend some quiality time with my kids. And I need to be the one to do it.

amanda said...

love all your ideas friend!

Jessie Oliveros said...

I want to visit your house.

Mommy of Two said...

I posted my first post today, it's not much but I'm getting started! I will be watching that video this weekend!