Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fishful Thinking Thursday - Banners, Wallpaper, & More!

Have you been wondering how you can get a Fishful Thinking banner for your blog or maybe a copy of  "The Goldfish Guide to Raising Optimistic Children" (a printable version of this cute video)?

Wonder no more!

Go to the Fishful Thinking site, click RESOURCES on the top menu bar, and then click DOWNLOADS. Under RESOURCES is also where you will find the links to the Storybook Maker, Book Club, Video Center, Keeping Kids Active, and more!

Or if you want to go straight to the printable guide - click here!

I tell ya, there are so many cool features on this site! Just cut out the booklet and staple it together - VOILA! Or you could even use it as coloring pages for your kiddos. Can never have enough coloring pages in this house!

Speaking of this house, here's a little Fishful Thinking follow up from our Halloween Savoring activity from last week's post. I modified it a bit since the kids were so excited about their treats they didn't feel much like coloring or writing the words, but I did ask them to pick out some of their favorites and describe them. I had to help them a little bit since they are so young, especially Noah, and ask "is it sweet?" "what color is it?" etc...

Abby picked a Laffy Taffy because "it's pink...and sweet...tastes like's chewy."

Noah was all about his lollipops. "I got lots of lollipops!!! That my favorite! They tasty!" he said as he tried to shove two of them in his mouth at the same time.

My husband and I both picked candy bars as our favorite - chocolate, creamy caramel, fluffy nougat. (Just typing this is making me hungry!)   

Too bad candy isn't one of the four basic food groups. :)


amanda said...

do you ever sit and relax? you are such a go getter mom. i feel so lazy in my lounge pants, just showered at 10 am and haven't washed my hair for 2 days (why? i have no where to go and Brett has a meeting tonight:) my kids are upstairs playing with friends and i am happy about that because they aren't at my hips bugging me.
does that sound like a fun mom?

you need to rub off on me a little. when are you coming for a visit?

Heidi said...

You're right, candy should be a food group. My kids seem to think its a necessary part of their diet!
Your kids did a fanstasic job of describing their candy, I love that they were able to come up with that much! I forgot to do this little activity, I think I'll have them sit down and do it today.
I lied to you last week. I haven't been able to do Fishful thinking yet. I forgot that I had to go make corsages for a local dance in a flower shop I help out at. So I will climb on board next week! I promise.

Jenny Ramsey said...

candy is the new fruit.

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

hahaha...I read Amanda's comment and started laughing. She showered before I did! I was typing this post in my pajamas. And I only wish I had some kids to come play and keep mine occupied! :)