Monday, October 5, 2009

Another sick day...

Poor little Abby. She's sick. Again.

Started with a cough on Saturday morning and by that evening, she had a low grade temp of 99.

Yesterday she seemed pretty okay, but by bedtime, her cheeks were extra pink. Fever 100 degrees.

This morning, she snuggled in next to me and could barely lift her head. She was complaining that her head was hurting and of aches in her legs and arms. Fever 100.5.


Thank goodness for *Children's Tylenol*. Seriously. It kicked in after about 30 minutes and now she is in her room dressing up her favorite pink teddy bear.

We haven't gotten the flu shot yet, but I was planning to since Abby is in K this year and germs are running amuck. (I really don't know enough about the *H1N1 vaccine to feel comfortable. But the media around here has me totally paranoid.)

I just heard Noah cough a few minutes ago...definitely wasn't too smart of me to let them share my ice cream cone the other day after they quickly devoured theirs. The incessant pleading and whining tends to impede my better judgment sometimes.

Fingers crossed that this passes quickly and this place doesn't turn into a sick house.

Double UGH!

***FYI - After posting this I found info on about a voluntary recall of certain Infant and Children's Tylenol products. Luckily, my bottle's lot # is not on the list. Click here for a complete listing of products. ***


amanda said...

there truly is nothing worse than having a sick baby...hoping they are both on the mend soon!

and huge thanks for the link - i am going to go and check my bottles now!

Momisodes said...

Oh no. I hope she feels better soon.

I feel the same way about the H1N1 vaccine. I'm still on the fence.

Paulo said...

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