Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tribute Tuesday - Teebow's Designs


For this week's Tribute Tuesday, I'm excited to spotlight
Teebow's Designs!
Created by none other than my cute & crafty friend
(and one of my favorite bloggers),
Robin "Teebow".

A prime time news producer by day and a

custom name frame,


personalized to-go mug,

scrapbook extraordinaire by night!

She's also quite the Kris Allen enthusiast. :)

With the holidays fast approaching (too fast for me!),
I'm sure many of you are already trying to think
of gift ideas for family and friends,

or maybe there's a birthday or baby shower
on the horizon.

Teebow Designs may have just
what you've been looking for -

A unique, personalized gift for that special someone!

So click on over and check out Robin's original designs.

You can also contact her at rht02@sbcglobal.net if
something catches your eye!


Robin said...

thank you so much, kelli for asking to showcase my designs! what a great post, too!

angie said...

Oh boy. Robin has some excellent designs. Hopping over now!