Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WordFUL Weds - A little popsicle humor

Noah is quite the jokester.

Knock, knock jokes and riddles are BIG in our house.

His current favorite is - " What kind of phone does a turtle use?"

"A shell phone!"

Imagine Noah's excitement when he found out that
POPSICLES have jokes printed on their sticks!

Two of his favorite things in one!

(Good thing for Mom & Dad too
since our joke supply is fairly limited.
Pat had resorted to looking for knock knock jokes on the internet.)

Here's a popsicle joke that stumped us -

"What kind of dog can jump higher than a building?"
Give up?
"Any dog! A building can't jump!"

Hahaha :)

Now my only problem is that we're almost out of popsicles!
(With the kids being sick lately, they've been eating 'em like
they are going out of style.)

Got any kid friendly jokes?
Noah and Abby would LOVE to hear them!

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Michelle said...

LOL! Oh, the joke phase. It was fun, but I was glad when it passed. :)

Great WW!

amanda said...

too funny!

beans current favorite is also a knock knock joke - you know the one boo who? don't cry! she thinks it's soooo funny!

Heidi said...

I'm sorry that you guys have been sick at your house. That's the only part of fall that I don't love. I love your joke, it stumped me for about 2 seconds, then I had the advantage of just scrolling down to get the answer, instead of waiting for the popsicle to disappear!
I have a joke that my oldest loved when she was that age:
How did the boy make the butter fly?
He threw it out the window.
Bah dum, bah bum.
Lame I know but she loved it!
Thanks for chatting with me today! I always love to see you when you stop by my blog!

Nancy said...

LOL! Oh that's fun. :)

My favorite one growing up (on a farm) was: Why did the farmer feed his cow money? ...because he wanted rich milk! tee hee

My sister's favorite one growing up was: Why did the elephant sit on the marshmallow? ...because he didn't want to fall into the cocoa! heh

I know. sad. :)

Happy Fishful Thinking Thursday!