Thursday, October 22, 2009

Now that's one "Scary Mommy"!

I'm jumping on the Scary Mommy bandwagon! What better way to coax moms to expose their parenting blunders than to offer a chance to win a Flip video camera and be featured on the Motherhood blog! I could probably just post a picture of what I look like right at this moment, and I'd have this thing IN THE BAG. Glasses on, unwashed hair pulled back, wearing gray yoga pants and a rumpled shirt I grabbed off of the closet floor as I rushed to get dressed so I could get Abby to school on time. I don't think I even remembered to brush my teeth.

Now that's scary.

Given the fact that my son will be in here any minute climbing all over me in his attempt to get me to let him "play on the computer", I'm quickly posting one of my scary mommy snippets from days gone by. (Believe me, there's more where this came from!)

So let's revisit, shall we?

6/20/08 - This has been one crazy week! Sleep deprivation, fighting kiddos, my inability to get Noah to stay in the shopping cart or off of the kitchen counters, Abby's meltdown at church in the middle of my Primary lesson (and then Noah's that soon followed...that boy will not stay in nursery!), the sound of crashing books as Noah cleared off TWO full shelves at the library spilling over onto the feet of innocent bystanders, etc, etc, etc....all leading up to what I call my "Mommie Dearest" moment. (No wire hangers, mind you...yikes!)

Seriously, Joan Crawford's face popped into my head after yelling at my four-year-old daughter, tossing her into her room, and slamming the door – a knee jerk reaction for her putting thick, gooey A & D ointment in her two-year-old brother’s freshly washed hair JUST as we were ready to walk out the door. ahhhh! (I hadn't slept much the night before that didn't help the situation.)

A guilt-ridden apology from me, a big hug, and an "I love you" followed minutes later. And I tried my best to get the ointment out of my son's hair without having to put him in the tub, but he pretty much looked like Danny Zuko for the rest of the afternoon.

Really, Flip or no Flip, sharing our less than stellar moments gives us moms the encouragement we so desperately need sometimes. It's comforting to know that there are other gals out there riding this rockin' roller coaster along with me, experiencing the ups and downs, twists and turns, but most of all, the THRILL of the ride that makes us want to do it all over again!

*A BIG FAVOR - If this post made you laugh, please be so kind as to vouch for my "Scary Mommy" status today over at Scary Mommy's place! Thanks!!!*


scrappysue said...

just another week in motherhood eh? have fun co-hosting PSF this week! mine's up!

Scary Mommy said...

This made me laugh-- I am often tempted to post a picture of myself as I am at the moment-- hair unwashed, in dirty clothes and glasses, but I'm afraid I would really scare people! :)